Publication: 2019

Species: Lion, Human

“I’ll take no for an answer. But I’ll do my damnedest to make sure she wants to say yes.” 


Lion-shifter quarterback Shaw Bremer has everything a guy could want. He gets paid to play his favorite sport and he never lacks in female company. His nickname is “Catnip” for a reason. But these kittens can’t keep his attention. His thoughts keep turning to the one woman he shouldn’t be thinking about—Grace St-Fleur. She’s everything he wants. She’s exquisite, graceful, beautiful… So, what’s the problem? Grace is his best friend’s little sister. Oh, and she hates his guts.


When Shaw finds out Grace joined an online dating site called Alpha Singles, he leaps at the chance to be anonymous for the first time in years. This is it. The last straw. No more hiding. No more arguing. It’s time for Shaw to show Grace exactly what she’s been missing.