The Romantic Package

Looking for something a bit softer? How about a moonlight stroll along a beach, or a dinner for two at our five-star restaurant? These are only a few of the things you romantics can do on our cruise.

Romance Boot Camp

Ready to meet your match, but don't know the first thing about seducing the opposite sex? Fret no longer. We have the class for you! Come join Ms. Tiddy as she molds you into the perfect Casanova. Note: this class is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to bring your "A" game. 

The Single Dad Package

A single dad and need a break? Come spend a week with us! Bask in the sunlight, relax on the beaches, swim with sharks, whatever it takes to help you get back in touch with yourself!

The Adventurous Package

Ready to kick a little ass? Get on our there and zip-line from the highest heights, quad through the thickest of jungles, or hang out in a volcano! This package is for those looking for a little adrenaline kick.

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Looking For Eternity

How to Meet Your Alpha

Have you been searching the world over for the right person to spend the rest of your enternity with? Then look no further! We have the perfect undead for you!

Marriage Material

Makeshift Mate

Is the dating game getting to be too lame? Wish you could find Mr or Ms right now and forever without all the hassle? Don't fret! We'll find your perfect partner, guarganteed!

Casual For Now

Coming Soon!

Are you tired of eating Ramen alone at 1 AM, but commitment scares the living daylights out of you? Then maybe you just need to have a little fun. No strings attached! And who knows. Maybe you'll find your perfect midnight snack partner after all!

Blind Date

Alpha Mine

Want us to choose your best match and send you on an exciting first date you’ll never forget? Then try our newest feature with Alpha Singles, Blind Date! Blind Date is for our more daring members. We do all the work. All you have to do is show up and have fun.

Escort Services

Coming Soon!

Need the perfect Alpha for that wedding you're dreading next weekend? Or maybe there's a certain someone you want to make jealous. No matter the situation, we have the Alpha for you!

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