Full Name: Shaw Bremer

Nickname(s): Catnip

Age: Is just a number

Species: Lion Shifter

Occupation: Quarterback for the Atlanta Titans

Height: 6'3

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Location: Atlanta, GA

Looking For: Grace

Shaw Bremer

Species: Lion Shifter

As the hottest Nobel Prize winner in history, I’ve appeared on the cover of GQ – twice. And after mastering the art of French cooking, I bought a small island in the South Pacific. 


…Okay, fine. I exaggerated. I was only on the cover of GQ once. But I do enjoy eating French Cuisine and I’ve been to the South Pacific a few times. Don’t ask about the Nobel Prize. It’s still a sore subject. Just kidding.  Message me if you want to hang out. I'll bring an autograph photo. ;)

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